FilTix Vendor/Seller Guide

Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Box Office for Filipino Events across America!

As a Seller/Vendor/Event Organizer, please take a moment to log into our site to begin creating or viewing event listings if you already have an account.  If not, please follow and click on the “Register” button and sign up as a “vendor”. 

If instructed during a conversation, please notify the admins if you have created a specific vendor account so we may verify status of agreed upon settings needed.

This email or guide is subject to change without prior notice so it’s best to view our latest instructions at for future reference.

To Begin:

At the top right:

Upon login you will be presented with the following member sites depending on the type of login you have signed up with.

List of Tops:

Creating your Events with Examples:

Always remember that every “Ticket” must have a “Calendar” date associated with it.   If you look at the categories below TICKETS and CALENDAR are next to each other.

SUBTOPICS for the Ticket Types Above:

“No Seat” Option

“Simple Seat Option”

Using the CALENDAR Tab:  Remember this field is required for you to schedule the event date.  This will involve entering what you have on the flyer for typical schedule and you must commit these changes by clicking on “Save Event” to function.

FIlTix Organizer is for Gate Control and Checkin via App for the Physical Filtix Tickets or Online FilTix Tickets:

FILTIX Organizer iOS / Apple device App store link:

FILTIX Organizer Android Device App link:

FilTix Box Office provides Filipinos and FilAms the best of Entertainment Possible

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